Welcome to Nadine Macaluso Psychotherapy Manhattan Beach, California


Seeking out support to help deal with personal emotional suffering or relationship issues is already a first step towards healing.

Feelings of anxiety or depression or grief can be brought on by relational trauma, career transitions or the loss of a loved one. All are all emotionally challenging but know that you don’t have to shoulder these feelings on your own.

Working in collaboration with a therapist can help alleviate symptoms that are causing you suffering, give you deep insight into who you are, and provide you with the support to make changes to improve your quality of life. The therapy that is the most successful is one where the client feels safe and is truly seen and heard by the therapist.

In our therapeutic work together you will explore your emotions, thoughts, behaviors and relationships in a non-judgmental, compassionate setting.

Through the safe container of the therapeutic relationship you can gain an awareness of your internal world and this insight can facilitate changes in your life. Through mindfulness and intention, you can come home to who you really are, which can activate your potential and facilitate emotional healing. Please explore my website to learn more about the therapeutic process and feel free to contact me today for an appointment to see if I am the therapist that is right for you.